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POS Solutions' Virtual Solutions for the Mobile, E-commerce and  Brick & Mortar

Ideal for accepting payments by:

  • Sales agents in the field
  • Trade professional at job completion
  • Taxi/Delivery personnel
  • E-commerce websites
  • All mobile businesses (tutoring/car wash/oil change/cleaning services/etc)

Perfect for:

  • Restaurants accepting orders from internet
  • Convenience stores wanting to take on-the-go orders
  • Supermarkets accepting delivery orders from internet
  • Businesses wanting real time response from their web presence
  • Businesses competing with multinationals

In today's marketplace, customer convenience and customer service are the essential aspects of a successful business. As merchants, your customers expect you to serve them at their convenience. To successfully deliver convenience, it is important to embrace cutting edge technology- more importantly, to embrace the convenience of Internet.

Since the end of 2012, online user traffic has reached two billion, which means, almost, one-in-three persons are present on the internet. Moreover, 2012 saw 8 to 10 billion devices log onto the internet, and projections indicate that the device volume will increase to 25 billion by 2015, bringing more people and platforms to the online community. More importantly for businesses, 85 percent of current online users are 18 – 34 years of age, which means as this group age they will continue to embrace internet because of the convenience it delivers. Therefore, it's vital for businesses to consider internet as a customer conduit and implement tools to drive online users to their businesses and storefronts. This can be a challenging feat but we are here to help you.

Our goal is to help you maintain your competitive edge in business while transitioning and making your web presence known to your present and future customers. POS Solutions' customers benefit from a diverse range of Virtual Tools & Solutions that integrate Online/Virtual Users to Storefronts. The full complement of Virtual POS solutions range from processing payments made through smart phones & tablets to processing payments made from websites with inventory management, and much, much more (ask us for details).We also bring these tools to the market for our Merchants at lightning speed, for a fraction of conventional cost. POS Solutions' POS systems are the most efficient and cost-effective payment processing methods in the marketplace- this is how we help you stay ahead and in the lead.

POS Solutions' Virtual Solutions for the Websites and E-commerce

Support for Online Business Evolution

POS Solutions' Web Development department can help you deploy your business online and become a true global player. We also can help you automate your business processes and transactions so that you can concentrate on developing the core of your business. In order to  further streamline your business operations efficiently, we provide custom made, highly intuitive and easy-to-use control panel (training included) that you can use to further enhance and manage your business activities.

Steadfast System Integration

Our Web Development department can help new and existing online businesses that are in transition and/or are at varying phases in their online business evolution with however small or large need they may have. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience in complex enterprise web developments and sophisticated portal developments, together, with our characteristic design standards that ensure all of our developments are easily scalable, highly adaptable and compatible with 3rd party plug-ins allow us to easily integrate our tools and solutions flawlessly with pre-existing website functionalities.

E-commerce / Website Payment Processing

We provide complete suite of website development services including, but not limited to, payment processing and shopping cart services where payment card may not be present. Since we are authorized dealers of payment processing firms, Elavon and Collective POS, we are able to have your online business accept debit and credit cards payments in two to three business days, fastest turnaround time in the country.

All Encompassing Web Development:

  • Website Designing
  • Logo Design
  • Merchant Account Setup
  • Integration of Virtual POS Solutions
  • Integration of Wireless Website Printers
  • Content Management System (Admin/Control Panel)
  • Custom Website Component Integration
  • Custom Database Designing
  • Cost-Per-Click Management
  • Graphic Designing
  • Website Promotions
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Name Services

POS Solutions' Virtual POS Solutions via Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphone & Tablet Payment Systems

Smartphone and Tablet payment devices allow businesses to accept payments (card-swiped transactions) virtually from anywhere by connecting a card reader. These devices are ideal for mobile businesses such as delivery services, taxis, professional trades, retail businesses that engage in trade shows, as well as many other unique services.

Convenience and Advantages

  • Payment device connects to iPhone, Android, or Blackberry smartphones as well as touchpad(s)
  • Ability to process credit card payments from smartphone or tablet devices from anywhere within Canada
  • Transactions process in 2-3 seconds
  • Payment processing application will need to be downloaded
  • Equipped with end-to-end encrypted security that process payments immediately and stores in a secure environment for cardholder security
  • E-mail receipts to customers instantly
  • Security measures ensure no customer data is stored on the phone
  • User-friendly functions ensure ease of use for yourself and your staff
  • Funds can be directly and securely deposited into any Canadian Bank account
  • Easily programmed to in-take transactions that are key-entered
  • Ability to add on card reader for easy access for swiped transactions

Smartphone & Tablet Applications

It is vital to have your business represented on the Smartphone and Tablet (and other mobile devices) as devices logging onto the internet has surpassed the number of humans, currently, on the planet. Conservative estimates report eight to ten billion devices logged onto the internet in 2012. Since only 2 of the 7 billion humans have access to internet, we have, at least, 4 devices per user logging onto the internet, at the moment. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to adopt each type of devices as part of their business strategy.

Unfortunately, it is not that simple, but that's why we are here to help. Each type and brand of devices read, understand and display websites differently, because of the way each device was built. Thus, it is important to develop website solutions that are mobile-friendly, yet compatible with each smartphones and tablets' platform. More importantly, businesses must use the existence of different devices and platforms to leverage their web presence by deploying Applications (commonly known as Apps) for each type and brand of devices. As advantages realized through Applications are endless, because of the real-time feedback they provide from customers.

POS Solutions' Web Development department is here to develop and deploy Applications (Apps) that are specific to your need within one to two weeks. Since there is no one-size-fit-all type of solution, it is advisable to contact us to determine the best suitable solution for your particular business.

POS Solutions' Equipment Leasing Services

Equipment Leasing

Merchants can now acquire our equipments and services through a single hassle-free leasing services from POS Solutions. With our lease-to-own program the Merchants also have the privilege to make affordable monthly payments with the option for buyout at the end of the agreement. Contact us for more detail.

Our approval rate has always been over 95%.