Wireless Website Printer (WWP)

Wireless Website Printer and Mobile Receipt Printer

World of a Virtual Solution

POS Solutions Wireless Website Printer (WWP) is a multipurpose, multifunctional, and fully customizable, all-in-one, direct real-time two way communication conduit between Merchants and Customers via their website. A unique premier innovative technology designed in Canada, enable small to medium size enterprises to compete head to head with the larger Chains stores in offering convenient services to their Customers.

This user friendly wireless website printer is designed to connect brick-and-mortar businesses with their online customers, in real-time, cost effectively and efficiently confirming orders & payment processing and creating a hard copy paper trail all in one.

Few Applications:

  • Restaurants
    • Diners: Ideal for the culinary industry as our Wireless Website Printer is able to provide multiple custommizable funcationalities. Its also safe to operate our printer under severe operating conditions, making it an ideal kitchen receipt printer as well as reception and order-pickup countertop printer. Versitility of our printer will greatly improve operational efficiency and add value to the enterprise, as a whole.
    • Fast food franchises can, now, operate even faster without any extra effort with our Wireless Website Printer by allowing the website to autonomously handle the entire transaction process and accompanying paper work. Our all encompassing wireless website printer system with control panel provide all the functionalities required to effortlessly operate a large organization's web presence.
    • Non-franchised fast foods: Our suite of solutions level the playing field for all the palyers in this market. It is no longer the requirement to possess large marketing budget to become successful in this industry. Our revolutionary Wireless Website Printer gives you the opportunity to tie together the virutal customers with the storefront. Our affordable solution - wireless web printer in conjunction with the virtual pos systems provide complete control and allow you to fully automote order processing to inventory control. Allowing you to give your 100% to the core of your business.
  • Convenience Stores
    • Mom and Pop shops: Perfect solution for small businesses to operate at the capability of a large multinational corporation. Our Wireless Website Printer will enable you to accept orders from your website or web presence with physical print out of the corresponding receipts at the cashier. This receipt can be used to prepare the goods ready for customer pickup, before the customer arrive at your storefront. Just imagine the smile you will put on the customer's face, if they know that they would never need to wait at your business. Imagine all the time you will be saving your customers who are always on-the-go.

      Moreoever, it is especially important now to incorporate efficient and affordable vitual solutions as online user base has been rapidly increasing with younger customers. Statistics also show that 76% of shopping decisions are made online before a customer steps into a physical store. Therefore, it is much more important for small businesses to integrate a solid web presence with the ability to complete transactions and the power to manage inventory autonomously - freeing the business owners to concentrate on the core of their business.
    • Franchises: Cost-effective system for the integration of online customers with storefront(s). Especially a tool that is designed only to optimize customer satisfaction to a level never before attained. Our highly customizable online solutions combined with our WWP will empower your business to increase productivity, profitability, and market wide identity. And unltimately build your brand name to a higher standard, unreachable by competition. Our easy-to-use hardware and software solutions are easy to integrate into your business goals, effortlessly.
  • Excellent tool for Trade Professionals & independent contractors:
    • Taxi and Limousine operators can cost effectively charge their clients using one of our Mobile POS Solutions system and provide them with a professionaly printed receipt at drop-off. Our solutions with reporting services will ensure that you no longer require pen and paper to complete transactions and/or to provide contact information. A similar system on the market may price over $5,000 to purchase with additional cost for operations and maintenance. We provide a simple, yet powerful, system that is affordable and come with the best warranty to prevent your business from enduring any downtime.
    • Cleaning services can benefit greatly from economically acquiring payment for their services on-the-go and in-return provide clients with receipts with personlized contact information for future referrals. Our system require no more than 10 minutes of training to operate and it provides superb reporting to optimize business operations.
    • Trade professionals: We empower even the smallest operations in the market to operate like the big organizations by helping them accept payments instantly on the spot where the job was completed and generate receipts for the customer and for tax purposes. Simple and power solution, bundled all into one cost-effective innovation.
  • Supermarkets
    • With the aide of our virtual solutions encompassing Website Wireless Printer and Virtual POS Solutions, it is time to bring home the initially conceived dream with the advent of the internet - which was to process orders and payments online and having a system in place to identify the purchaser arrived for pickup of their goods and/or have a system that identifies the online orders efficiently to the floor for employees to prepare for delivery or pick-up. With our system, supermarkets can cost-effectively expand the products and services portfolio and capture markets that were never before possible. We also built our system to be easily customizable and scalable to fit all business requirements.
  • Delivery services
    • We help level the playing field in this market sector by allowing even the smallest player to accept payments via credit or debit card using our Mobile POS Solution in conjunction with our Wireless Website Printer. Our cost-effective tool will help professionals in this sector operate like a multinational organization with our all encompassing Virtual POS System.

Why go online?
Top successful businesses today, were the first to integrate the virtual world of internet into their business to connect and expand their customer base. As the internet provided an easy and convenient medium for customers to access and browse through inventory and buy things from the comfort of their homes. Now, internet and online shopping has become an integral part of customer expectations of businesses. Thus, it is highly beneficial for businesses to integrate Mobile and Web Applications (Apps) to help customers stay in touch with the business, in real-time, and conduct business transactions as well as to encourage customer participation in the virtual community activities.

Time has come for businesses to stay on target with the advent of Apps and programs that are being deployed to improve customer convenience and thus, increase business revenue. However, it can be tricky for businesses to identify virtual solutions that allow the conveniences that customers crave.

This is where we come in...
POS Solutions is Canada’s VERY FIRST business to offer the Wirless Website Printer with virtual platforms that connect online customers to the storefront. In fact, we provide a diverse range of virtual solutions - a one stop shop for all world wide web related business tools.

What does it do?
The WWP has many functions:

  1. Helps maintain and expand your customer base through website(s) and your web-presence
  2. Provides your customers CONVENIENT access to your goods and services. They won’t have to REMEMBER to come to you — they can simply visit your website and purchase what they want INSTANTLY.
  3. Become your customers’ preferred choice by saving them time

How does Wireless Website Printer work?


  1. Pick the items they want from your website
  2. Choose a time and day for Delivery or Pick-up
  3. Hit Submit Order button on website

Printer – begins to beep alerting Merchant to pending order


  1. View potential order on printer
  2. Confirm availability of order including selecting timing of pick up or delivery or rejects order

Customer - Receives confirmation of order, directly on the website in real-time, and enters Credit Card information for payment

Printer – beeps to acknowledge successful processing of payment for order – printing order with details and emailing confirmation to Customer & Merchant

Merchant – prepares order for pick up or delivery

It's that simple and powerful!

Can I customize it?
ABSOLUTELY! POS Solutions focus on creating devices and virtual interfaces that are - one solution for one – customized to fulfill Merchant’s need and their Customer’s convenience.

What if I don’t have Website(s) or adequate web presence?
At POS Solutions, we have a dedicated Web Development Department devoted to helping you create your website, and/or web presence – within 7 – 10 business days – enabling Merchants to move from not having a web presence, to being able to process order – correspond with their customers online, and payments online, in some cases without having internet access in their business.

Leasing Availability for Merchants
POS Solutions provides Merchants the opportunity to bundle both web based services and equipment into a single hassle-free lease. Lease-to-own options are also available to Merchants, giving them the opportunity to make monthly payments without having to payout large upfront fees for set up of web based proprietary services. Leasing program approves over 95% of applicants.