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POS Solutions' WILLPOS C10 all-in-one Mobile Point of Sale System


All-in-One System Touchscreen Integrated Printer
Optional battery Energy Efficient Easy Maintenance
Drip-proof Wall-mountable Multi-colour design
Flexible Set-up Fan-less cooling Small carbon footprint


Ideal for any market (retails, restaurants, hospitality businesses, manufacturers, kiosks, concessions, taxi and delivery), the WILLPOS C10, with its posh look, 10.4” touchscreen, and easy-to-use silent-operation, is a most desired terminal. It is an efficient innovative Intel Atom 1.66 GHz powered machine made with non-moving parts and fan-less operation for minimal power consumptions and maximum reliability.

Businesses favour it for its flexibility to be mobile, wired, wall-mounted, or simply having it as a countertop terminal. Plus, the wide range of colours to customize its panels allows businesses to promote their brand.

Splash-proof design with rugged casing, WILLPOS C10 can operate in the most harshest service settings.

As a bonus, the optional addition of another battery allows for another additional 5 hours of wireless services to enhance customer service and business operational needs.

POS Solutions' WILLPOS A10 Point of Sale System


  • Award winning design
  • High performance
  • Ultra low voltage CPU
  • Tool-less serviceability
  • Bright 15" touch screen
  • Small carbon footprint

The WILLPOS A10 (ST-A10) has a sleek contemporary look with 15" touchscreen that boasts breakthrough TwinTurbo™ technology for high performance, low power consumptions, and provides consistent service with no stutters or interruptions to your services. A reliable Toshiba quality product that our customers have enjoyed for over 50 years, this POS terminal has a VIA C7 processor that reduces your energy consumption and heat output, and allows switching between full speed operations and ultra low power models- all with exceptionally small footprint and easy maintenance.

WILLPOS A10 (ST-A10) is ideal for any retailers and customer service based businesses. In addition to the ultra-thin screen with well-lit outer edges, this POS terminal is available in many configurations and possesses peripheral device support with easy clicking mechanisms that allows customer service reps to use this POS terminal to its full potential while maintaining excellent customer service skills- it functions as an efficient sales trafficking tool.

Plus, for self-service and depot businesses, the tool less design is ideal- allowing you to spend less time on staging and servicing.

The ST-A10 Touch POS is fully RoHS and WEEE compliant.

WILLPOS A10 (ST-A10) Touch POS has been especially designed, manufactured and approved by TOSHIBA TEC engineers to provide you with reliable operating system that can withstand severe operating environmental conditions, power disturbances and radio interference for years. The ST-A10 has been specifically designed and engineered to withstand humidity and airflow. It has a main CPU fan that provides optimal cooling capabilities that is able to adjust according to your operational requirements – the ST-A10 cooling fan adjusts its speed as required during operations to cool the unit. This not only increases its efficiency and durability, it acts as a self-cleansing mechanism that minimizes the dust buildup in its system.

Plus, your business can boast environmentally friendliness with this product – this Terminal not only minimizes your carbon footprint, it gives you a long productive lifespan for your POS operations as well as, a controlled recycling process.

Features of the POS Terminal

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Legendary TOSHIBA Quality
  • Ultra-low voltage CPU
  • Optimal performance
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Minimal heat output.
  • Reduces electricity cost by as much as 500%.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint
  • Minimizes environmental impact
  • “Tool-less” Services to decrease investments spent on maintenance and training.
    • Access all major components & install peripheral options without tools
  • Add-in features
    • Add TRST-A15 Dual Side Thermal POS Printer
      • Reduces cost in consumables
      • Improve environmental impact
POS Solutions' WILLPOS A20 Dual Display Point of Sale System



The WILLPOS A20 (ST-A20) POS Terminal is a simple sleek classic design with high clarity touchscreen, ultra-thin screen edges and well-lit outer edges. It's extremely durable, intuitive and designed with perfect ergonomics for ease of use of operators as well as, customers.

QUALITY tested

Toshiba TEC engineers have repeated tested for accuracy reliability of the ST-A20 POS Terminal to bring you, again, another superior Toshiba product with high reliability. It has been tested with 35 million touches in one spot and has been given spill proof protection. It has proven to withstand extreme environmental settings and maintain its endurance even when tested with constant use and images being permanently displayed. Toshiba has definitely lived up to its name on this POS terminal.


  • Smaller, quieter – less energy consumption
  • Intel Core 2 Duo & Celeron M440 processing technology allows for faster customer throughput & effortless streaming media presentations
  • Larger customer side display – powerful communication/advertising tool
    • Easy clickability to reach interfaces & hard disks to install customer display
  • Easy to maintain
    • Low maintenance requirement
  • Multimedia support
    • 9 USB ports
    •  colour coded inputs
    • connect peripherals effortlessly
      •  no need for external power bricks
      • network using wired LAN or via Bluetooth option
    • Easy peripherals and components connections
      • easy to upgrade & maintain
      • faster connections
      • economical – no need for maintenance contractors
  • Plus, for self-service and depot businesses, the tool less design is ideal- allowing you to spend less time on staging and servicing

Green Machine

WILLPOS A20 is made from fully recyclable and environmentally friendly materials such as halogen and chromium-free materials. Its innovative ultra-low-energy processor is 50% more efficient than previous models, making it an eco-friendly choice for your business.

The ST-A10 Touch POS is fully RoHS and WEEE compliant.

Add ons

15" customer display screen – has built in stereo speakers

  • For – order confirmation
  • Streaming multimimedia promotions

RAID option – for peace of mind for small business

  • Resist extreme shocks and temperature variations
  • Power savings & easy maintenance


  • Allows for printers
  • Access the 24V powered USB ports
POS Solutions' Economy POS Point of Sale System


Cost Effective & Low Carbon Footprint
POS Solutions' ECO POS system with touch-screen was innovated to be the most poweful and Ecology friendly POS System in the market for the small businesses. This energy efficient system can connect to all the peripherals bars, restaurants, convenience stores and retail stores require, with very minimal effort.

ECO POS was designed to be highly customizable to suit each industry and each business. Our system was designed with the anticipation that our governments may change the ecology of point of sale systems, which most manufacturers have overlooked. We also ensure that your ECO POS system will be configured to your liking 100%.

Space Savings
For small businesses every inch of space is valuable and ECO POS was designed to fit into any/all bars, restaurants, convenience stores, retail store and other small businesses' ecosystem with ease. Sleek, ergonomic and user-friendly design of the system was designed to save space and motivate staff to work happy.

Support Services
We provide around the clock warranty coverages for all our products and services, because we want you to rest assured that your business is protected at all times. Please contact our Sales Team for detail about our Support Services.

POS Solutions' Equipment Leasing Services

Equipment Leasing

Merchants have the opportunity to bundle the services and equipments they acquire from us, into a single hassle-free lease. We also offer lease-to-own options which give the Merchants the opportunity to make monthly payments with the option of a buyout plan at the end of the term.

Our application approval rate is over 95%.