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About POS Solutions

POS Solutions offers a complete suite of Point of Sale systems specializing in custom web based solutions which integrate into store front business. A Canadian company, POS Solutions uses enhanced state of the art platforms to ensure merchants the tools and opportunities to retain & expand market share in today's technologically advancing complex marketplace.

From the initial complementary needs assessment to lightning fast deployment of customized user friendly systems, merchants are enabled to have customers served with confidence from our fast transaction times.

Unlimited technical support is the key to the POS Solutions mandate to stand out above the competition – superior customer service, remote user friendly functionalities, ensure control at a click of a button.

User friendly integrated Point Of Sale Solutions guarantee to save time that merchants can invest into further developing their business operations with enhanced control through integrated reporting systems.

State-of-the-art technology combined with industry setting deployment and ongoing support. Setting and exceeding expectations – it is the POS Solutions contention that – Merchant's success – based on providing convenience to customers through innovative technology, at an affordable price - is the key to unlock today's evolving retail landscape potential.

Our Products and Services:

  1. Countertop and wireless terminals for Debit, Visa, MasterCard & American Express transactions
  2. Integrated POS systems encompassing ecommerce solutions for both inventory and payment processing
  3. Easy-to-use multifaceted online/mobile/wireless solutions
  4. Merchant Cash Flow Financing
  5. Lease-to-own equipments

POS Solutions' Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

Our Vision

Utilizing state of the art technology to empower merchants to enhance business growth and market share. Through solutions which combine the storefront and the virtual market in today's changing retail environment, we enable small to medium sized businesses to compete effectively with the large multinationals.

Our Mission

To provide a seamless transition for merchants to fulfill their challenging technological needs in the changing retail landscape through integrated solutions which enable them to control both their storefront & ecommerce business through a common median.

Our Goal

Exemplary Service... from a complimentary needs assessment to providing efficient and effective tools to merchants to build and grow business on a time sensitive basis – B y fulfilling expectations and empowering merchants to achieve their business goals, POS Solutions will achieve its goal.

Our Values

Innovation: Utilizing global networking - POS Solutions' International team mandate is to be ahead of the curve on technological innovations and integrating them into the evolving needs of retail merchants
Quality: To work on - Lifetime Warrantee on Payment Processing terminals – 3 year Warrantee on Integrated POS Solutions - POS Solutions prides itself in providing the best quality hardware in the market and exceeding customer expectations
Trust: Combining the best hardware with innovative proven software and exemplary customer service, POS Solutions provides a trustworthy platform from which merchants can go forward and build and develop business while having effective control of every facet of their business.