• Payment Processing

    Authorized Elavon & COLLECTIVE POS dealer.

    Your Payment Processing experts. We will have you approved within 2-3 business days with the lowest transaction rates! We provide:

    Chip-Enabled Debit and Credit Card Processing
    Smartcard-Ready Debit and Credit Card Terminals
    Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs
  • Point Of Sale (POS) Solutions

    Authorized TOSHIBA dealer.

    We provide customized Point Of Sale (POS) Solutions to small - large businesses. Market sectors include:

    Retail Stores
    Convenience Stores
    Fast Food
  • Product Support

    Installation, Maintenance and Training Support Provided.

    We provide customized Point Of Sale (POS) Solutions to small - large businesses.

    Professional support services such as installation, maintenance and on-site training are available

    Warranty available

  • Financing Solutions

    Leasing and Financing Available for Merchants.

    We provide in-house Leasing and Financing Solutions for
    convenience to merchants

    POS Solutions Reduces Cost Barriers
    POS Solutions Enhances Purchasing Power
    POS Solutions Approves Over 95% of Applicants
    POS Solutions Provides Cash Flow Financing
    and Product Leasing Services


Secure and Reliable Merchant Services

POS Solutions offers a variety of reliable and secure payment terminals to help your business function efficiently in today’s competitive marketplace. All of our wired & wireless terminals are chip-enabled and equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your business is running to its full capability in terms of speed, convenience, and dependability.  

Our terminals will enhance your business by:

  • Allowing you to accept Visa, Mastercard, Interac and American Express at the most competitive rates in the industry
  • Providing a lifetime warranty and unlimited technical support on all wired & wireless payment terminals
  • Supplying you with wired & wireless payment terminals that are all EMV chip-enabled and PCI compliant to the latest standards
  • Offering gift and loyalty cards programs, cash back, and prepaid phone card/long distance card programs to increase profits for your business

Products & Services

  • Countertop point of sale terminals
  • Wireless / Mobile point of sale solutions
  • E-commerce and Virtual terminal solutions
  • Telephone / Mail Order solutions
  • Warranty provided to each terminals
  • On-Site Training provided
  • Wide-range of Support Services available
  • Web site wireless printers
  • Integrated POS Solutions

We offer a wide range of payment solutions to serve the unique needs of every business. Please contact us to determine the best equipment suited for your particular business.



Customized Point Of Sale (POS) Solutions

  • We provide customized point of sale solution(s) to fulfill the unique needs of your business, as you imagined it
  • Our Point Of Sale (POS) Solutions (hardware and software) are designed to operate effortlessly under all conditions
  • Ergonomic design and user friendly system will keep your employees happy and productive
    • Customizable to each employee preferences
  • Virtual Point Of Sale (POS) Solutions will turn a personal computer, tablet or smartphone into a comprehensive point of sale system
  • We provide a large array of systems and solutions to fit the needs of each client
  • Our POS Systems allow us to serve a diverse market sector
  • TOSHIBA TEC’s product line is the result of over 50 years of POS market experience

Products & Services

  • Economy POS
  • Virtual POS
  • On-Site Training
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Warranty provided

POS Solutions provides a wide range Point Of Sale Solutions to suit the needs of every customer. Whether your concern is cost, operating conditions, type of business or a combination of factors, we have a vast number of tools in place to serve every requirement. Please contact us to determine the best suited solution for your particular business.


Easy-to-use Wireless Website Printer (WWP)

POS Solutions, Canada’s VERY FIRST technology company to offer virtual platforms that connect online customers to the storefront / kitchen / manufacturing areas. We provide a diverse range of virtual solutions- a one stop shop for all world wide web related tools any business would need.

Wireless Website Printer (WWP)

  • Connects online customers with storefronts
  • Allows two-way communication between online user and storefront, in real-time
  • Help maintain and expand your customer base
  • Provides CONVENIENT and quick access to your goods & services
  • Easy set-up and use (no technical knowledge required)
  • Plug-and-play and User-Friendly control panels
  • Customizable according to your business needs

Canada's Own Technology Company

The WWP is the very first of its kind to be designed and offered in Canada by Canadians. The easy-to-use wireless website printer is designed to connect your business to your online customers in real-time. It is a highly customizable device that allows you to offer your goods and services to your customers who can browse, choose, purchase, pay, and pickup or request for delivery from the comfort of their home.

What if I don’t have Website(s) or adequate web presence?

POS Solutions provides a full range of software and hardware solutions to help you have a cutting-edge web-presence. Our diverse range of virtual solutions will help you resolve all your web-related concerns and help bring your online business to the forefront, where you’ve worked so hard to be. Today, the success of businesses depends on how quickly and efficiently they have adopted and leveraged internet as a commerce venue. Please contact us and we will ensure that you don’t get left behind. We will help you stay in the lead and ahead of the game.


Invest in your future, through your business

For every business need, there available technologically advanced solution. Ensure you have the up-to-date tools to stay ahead of your competition, because smooth business operations rely on enhanced and well supported tools.

As a new merchant, financing new products to compete in today’s marketplace can be challenging for a number of reasons. One, you may not yet have built up the credentials required for monetary sourcing. Two, you may have already used up all available capital to kick start your business and now, when you are looking to streamline your operations to leverage your potential for growth, you are having issues raising the required funding. For all such circumstances, POS Solutions is the answer for reducing cost barriers and enhancing purchasing power.

Equipment Leasing Services

  • Our No Hassle Leasing Program approves over 95% of applicants
  • We only provide the best tools in the industry with the best warranty

Cash Flow Financing

  • No hassle Cash Flow Financing against revenue
  • Effective tool during slow seasonal periods or when unexpected capital expenditures occur
  • Unlike the complicated borrowing practices traditional lending institutions follow

With POS Solutions’ all encompassing services, you can afford technologically enhanced products and services, while meeting budgetary goals. This will allow you to realize greater returns on investment sooner and targeted growth faster.

Our Solutions